The Modern Calligraphers' Nook - Humble Beginning

It all started out as a hobby.

Calligraphy was an instinct to me being an architect. Calligraphy means " the art of writing beautiful letters".
In our college days, writing beautiful was a must. Otherwise, you'll fail.

I started out my calligraphy journey last August of 2015. My calligraphy hero is Ate Milona Barracca IG: @thehomeschoolmomph and i fell in love with this art.

It was not an easy hobby. First, I had to spend for it. Yes, the brush pens are quite expensive.
Secondly, it needed dedication. My mentor, Ate Milons, always said "practice makes progress".


I thought I was not making any progress. Until I really came to love it. I started spreading the Calligraphy bug and held private workshops with friends. It was fun sharing the same passion. 

Today, I have a collaboration with local artists. They make pens that I design so I can sell them. I think it's one way of helping our local artists, too. 

Watch out for more of my calligraphy journey as I have just started blogging about it. More items for sale, too.


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